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Posting to G/L Accounts with open item management are not permitted in KO88

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I am doing Internal Order Settlement to AUC through KO88. For that I have assigned Down Payment Clearing GL (with Open item managed). But system is giving an error FAGL_POST_SERVICE012. You use G/L XXXXXX in company code XXX with open item management. however, posting are not permitted to G/L accounts in individual ledgers with open item management.

This is in S4 Hana System. Surprisingly in Hana Sandbox system we are not getting this error but in Hana Quality system we are getting this error.

Sandbox system creating 2 documents, one for leading ledger and one for IFRS ledger.

Can someone please help to resolve this at earliest.


Sandeep Marathe

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Hello SAP experts,

I have the same problem. With the help of the debugger I found the table (T001U) from where the G/L account was read.

If you want to know where this is entered in customizing, then use the Transactionscode SM30.

Hope this helps future people who have the same problem.

With kind regards

Emal Rahman