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Posting retirement of asset uploaded from legacy data

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I have uploaded legacy data of fixed assets using t.code AS91.

Now i want to sell one asset from the uploaded assets with revenue and

without a customer using T.code ABAON.

But when i use this T.Code and enter asset number and the manual revenue

and simulate an error messgae is appeared saying

"Posting with trans.type 210 not possible (No acquisition posted)"

Message no. AA324


Transaction type 210 belongs to a transaction type group, which can only be used to post to assets to which posting has already been performed. However, no postings have been made to this asset.


Use a transaction type from a transaction type group, which can be used for the first acquisition to an asset.

Wht trans.type i have to use to post the retirement with rev. without customer

for uploaded assets



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Answers (2)

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Good morning and greetings,

Wishing you a Happy New Year 2007

I think you should have used AB01 with transaction type 201 at the time of doing the upload...The system checks the acquisition with the transaction type 201 always and when it finds that transaction type has not happened it is not able to recover the value for acquisition.

Depending on the number of months after you have migrated, it would depend on that to reverse the AS91 transaction, and repost it using AB01 (Tran Type 201) and there is nothing to do with the depreciation as it is correct and anyway you are selling the asset.

After you have done the AB01, do the ABAON and the system would complete the transaction for you.

NOTE: Using AB01 would ask you an offsetting account and that would be your dummy migration account.

Please reward points if found useful.

Thanking you

With kindest regards

Ramesh Padmanabhan

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Please check whether you have posted "Takeover Values" in T Code. AS91



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Hi swapnil

I have uploaded take over values also.

And one more thing is that the same is working in my development server

why not in production server


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take over values have already been posted while doing as91

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Hi krishna,

iam doing lsmw to AS91 (total 60 fields) in that which depreciation values and takeover values that iam not able to populate to the transactiion , do i have to write any code for this particular fields.

please de needful .