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Posting periods

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I am Kantheti, newly joined in

could you please send me what is the purpose of posting period varient, can we assign one varient to n number of co codes?

If I get suitable soultions I will be assign the points

Thanks & Regards


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Answers (3)

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Posting Period it is nothing But u should tell the system these data post this period this month, other wise system not understand that.

Posting period variant in Client Level so no of company codes assign same posting period

In sap 12 normal periods

4 spl periods

4 spl periods used to Auditing and management purpose,

Now i hope clear

In ob52 used to open and close the period

month end close the month and open new one


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The purpose of posting period variant is to control the transaction being posted to FI for a particular period. We can assign one posting period variant to many company codes therefore to control the posting of all the company codes centrally from corporate by closing and opening the periods using the variant.

The special periods in the posting periods are used to posts special transaction post the closing of the regular 12 posting periods especially used for FI postings. The special posting periods can only be used in the last month of the fiscal year.


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posting period varient contains number of posting periods .

This posting periods two type1.

1. Normal

2.Special posting periods.

SAP systems allow maximum of 12 normal& 4 special periods.


You cann assign the same posting period varient to Number of (Multible) company codes.