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Posting periods

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Even if I have tried changing the posting periods in MMPV, to the current period, why I am unable to post GR?? So also in OMSY, it shows the correct month & fiscal year.

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How would community members know this?

You did not share the exact error message which you encounter...

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Answers (2)

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Thanks for your comments.

The issue is solved by deleting the assignment of company code to plant & then reassigning to it. Further changes in OMSY periods, it worked fine.

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First of all, please try to provide more details about the issue and error while creating a thread in SCN. How do we know what error you are facing....

If you talk about the Posting periods only, then one reason could be, the relevant Posting Period in FI may not have opened for postings. You can check it in for OB52.

You can find Posting period variant in OBY6 for your Company code.

If that is not the issue, then provide more details to help you.