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Posting keys -integration between FI and SD

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Hello ,

In Billing document we have Posting keys .

How this posting keys are determined ? OB40 and OB41 known to me

Then how this System determines Exac posting keys determined



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Answers (3)

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Hi Anil

As said by you OB40/OB41 you can see the posting keys .But when once the billing document generates then the posting key will be Debit / Credit . So you can check in OBYC also where for each transaction/event key you can see the Debit / Credit G/L accounts will be maintained

NOTE : So to know more about this i suggest you to take help of your FI consultant , so that he will clear

all your doubts



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Dear Anil

In OB41, you will maintain Posting Keys which should then be assigned to Account Keys in OB40 and OBYC.

This posting key determines:-

- Account Type

- Debit / credit posting

Examples of Account Types are

- Asset accounts

- Customer accounts

- Vendor accounts

- G/L accounts

In the posting rules you specify according to which Posting Keys the Reconciliation Postings are to be made. The posting keys determine whether the posting is made to the debit side or the credit side of an account.


G. Lakshmipathi

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Dear Anil,

In a way, You are aware of T. Code: OB40/ 41.

To know more about Automatic Postings (Posting Key Determinations for various Accounts), Refer:

T. Code: FBKP

Best Regards,


Note: To brush-up your knowledge and understanding, Take help from FI-Counterpart.