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Posting Key

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Hello All,

I have one basic doubt....

If I want to Debit vendor then can I use any posting key 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27 , 28, 29 - which are standard posting keys provided by vendor.

I know each of them can be used as per their purpose and nature. like for e.g. : 21 - for credit memo and 24 for other receivables and so on....

But as a functional consultant i want to know if i use 21 instead of 24 during F-02 - then does it have any impact on any report or any other document.

As purpose is to debit vendor anyways....

Please clarify that using of any posting keys instead of right one as per their purpose - does have any impact in reporting or any document or does not afeect in any way as the main purpose of debit or credit is served ?????

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Dear Bhavana,

Though the two same configured postings keys will post Vendor "Credit" or "Debit" on based on their configuration, but reporting will have serious impacts where reporting is in discussion.

Such as few "Bespoke" reports are developed based on Posting Key combination will produce "False" results and reporting may go haywire or even standard as well.

As per SAP best practices most of the transaction have already identified their combination posting keys so better we should use those.

I hope others experts comments and my addition will find you helpful to understand the concept. Please get back to forum for further assistance.

Thank you.


Pankaj Bhalerao.

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Its better we do not mix  business transactions. It will definitely have an impact in all reports, even your FBL#N reports will project wrong data. Say what will happen if i generate a report and filter it with one posting key, I will get my data as well as yours which will not actually represent that transaction!!!

best regds


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Dear Bhavana,

Every Posting key has its own significance when customized.

suppose we take your example : 21 is used in place of 24.

21 is Credit Memo Debit entry for vendor with Sales Related activities

and 24 is same but not ticked as Sales Related activities

if the Configuration parameters are same of two posting keys you can user both.

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Yes, aside of controlling the account type (K, D, S, A or M), and the debit or credit, posting keys also control:

  • Is the transaction "sales related" this impact standard reporting as 21 is "sales related" and 24 is not
  • Is the transaction a "payment transaction" ? For vendors "payment transactions " use PK 25 and 35
  • Can you use the posting key with special G/L indicator (for vendor 29 and 39).
  • Also you can use the posting keys to control the status of additional fields in the document item

So 21 it equivalent to 24 even if they both generate a credit on a customer account.

Most standard transactions normally default the correct posting key and I advise to stick to them.



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Hi Bhavana,

"The document type specifies which account types you can post to. The posting key specifies which account types you can post to. A posting key can only be entered for an account type which is permitted for that document type"- SAP