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Posting change and auto TO creation specifying a different bin

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Hello SAP WM Gurus,

Need you help in achieving the following scenario:

The material is in unrestricted in a bin say 001 XXXX, (unrestricted) and i need to change the stock type to a Blocked stock and be able to move it to a new bin in one step.

I was trying this with LQ02, however i wasnt successful. LQ02 helps in completing a posting change but this happens in the same bin, how could i have it do the posting change and also be able to specify a user input bin so that he can eliminate the 2 steps and be done in 1 step.

Thanks for all your help and suggestions.

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It is possible in standard system, you only have to check and follow the steps described in SAP online help:


8. If you not only want to execute a posting change for the material, but also want to physically transfer the stock, make sure that the marker is not set in the column Post to Same Bin.

You can preset the indicator Post to Same Bin in the Customizing for Warehouse Management, under Activities ® Transfers ® Define Movement Types, or under Master Data ® Define Storage Type.


So, you can remove the "post to same bin" indicator when processing the PCN (when you are creating the TO from the PCN*) or you can use this as default by carrying out the suitable setting for the suitable wm-mvt (V_T333-KZUAP) and / or storage type (V_T3010-KZUAP).



*LU04 > select the PCN > "Create TO" button > Select the storage type > "Quant list" button > remove flag from LQUAU-KZUAP.

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