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Posting by ALE from HR to FICO

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now I configrate payroll posting from HR system to FICO system by ALE;

I have read the IMG document and SAP help document, and have done belowing confiration:

Main ALE steps are:

1. Create a distribution model in HR system

2. Insert the BAPIs and methods. You can find them in the IMG documentation

3. Generate Partner Profile (choosing your distribution model and goint to Environmet menu --> Generate Partner Profile.

4. Distribute model view. Select the distribution model and go to Model view --> Distribute.

5. Determine RFC destinations for method calls

but when I do "PCP0 ", sitll find belowing error for each wage type, it seems the system can not find the G/L account,in fact ,I have created G/L account in HR system(Tcode:FS00), and do mapping symbolic account with G/L account (Tcode:OBGY)in HR;


Account with the following search key was not found: SY HRFZA03

Internal error when defining the account for search key SY HRFZA03

Required field GL_ACCOUNT was not transferred in parameter ACCOUNTGL

so I wonder why I still have such error,

1)does I need to mapping symbolic account with G/L account in FICO system?

2)or I need to configrate some IDOC?

3)or some else configration I missed?

Looking forward to anwser, thanks !

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Hi Haibo,

Let me know ur HR and FICO are in two different systems rite, if so as per my understanding when u run the live posting run at HR system the final payroll accounting document will be posted in the FICO sys. Now let me know where are u getting the error are u able to run the Live Payroll posting run. No need of mapping the symbolic accounts in the FICO system. since the posting run is happening @ HR system only the final payroll accounting document will be posted at FICO system. We have done this there should not be problem.


Raghu Kumar R

Edited by: Raghu Kumar R on Aug 25, 2011 3:39 PM

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Mapping SA to GL account is local to HR/PY box and doesn't need to be in FI box. However, GL account would need to be physically in the FI box .

GL account ususually are created on FI box first, and distributed over to payroll box. As far as idocs for FI posting, you don't really have to do any additional config other than what you already did (set up distrib model, BAPI to do posting, partner profile, ...)

Rgds. .

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Hi,Ted Dinh and Raghu Kumar R

HR and FICO system is different system.

In fact, after I config symbolic account and G/J account in FICO system yesterday, then run "PC00_M99_CIPE " "S Creation of simulation documents"in HR system, then no more occurs those errors in HR system.

I don't know why!!

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This is due to GL account now residing in FI box for documents checking. Symbolic account mapping on FI site plays no part in it (i.e. only do validation based on payroll posting documents already created in payroll site which no longer have SA).

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I have a client where link between symbolic accounts groupings and account numbers are done in FI system. Can you check the tables with help of transactions OBYG and OBYE in FI system.

These tables must be filled in FI system.

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Hi,Okan Caliskan,

Thank your reply.

Could you tell me why dose your FI system have the symbolic accounts groupings and account numbers mapping configration in FI system ? Is it you customize in FI system manually?

If you not customize it manually before, it will not exist in FI system.

As I metioned above, I do the "symbolic account and G/J account in FICO system"configration in FI system, so ithat it doesn't occurs this error.

So I wonder if it must to do "symbolic accounts groupings and account numbers mapping" the configration in FI system when ALE posting.


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Hi,Ted Dinh

Sorry ,I can't understand what your said, so could you explain it more detail, thank you very mucn very much!

Best regards!

Olivia Yang

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Symbolic account is only relevant on payroll site to map wage types to GL accounts in order to create "payroll" posting documents. Note that symbolic accounts don't exist in these documents. Most FI validation are done after these documents are created, and prior to these documents are tranferred over.

This is why there's no need to do config mapping of symbolic account to GL account on FI box. However, as GL accounts in "payroll" posting documents will be checked on FI box, GL would need to physically exist in FI box for validation.