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Posting balance is not cleared (Period 24 / 2013 A

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Hi Experts.

Background:  During our parallel test, for various reason we had to run payroll couple of times.

Issue:  During our posting, we are getting our famous error  "Posting balance is not cleared (Period 24 / 2013 A" 


     Why there are three entries for same date?

     Even though expense and balance account matches, why are we getting error?

     If running payroll multiple time caused the below error, how come there are employees for whom we are able to post successfully?

Can you please provide any suggestions here?  As any other this one is critical too


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If there's three is probably because of retro. When a payroll run goes retro, posting will always rerun the retro run for the difference.

The error is probably due to a wt not configure that are use in retro like /551, /552, /558, /561, /563, /565, /566, /568.



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Thanks Frederick for your response! 

FYI. This is the first payroll we are running in the system, so there is no retro calculation. I did check the payroll results and there are no retro wage types you have listed to be found.

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The posting amounts are not cleared may be because the expense and Balance sheet accoutnsare not matched. The expenses and balances shall be tallied and there should not be any balance left. If there any, then this error occurs. Please check the FI mapping for Symbolic accoutns and G/L mappings. Als osee the posting characteristcis for each wage type.

Check the error log and it helps you to identify the balances.Click on the incorrect document and see what caused the problem.