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Postal code validation in incoming sales order doc

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Hi Team,

May I know if it is possible to do a validation check for a partner's postal code length during an incoming doc sales order creation? For example, for the country LU, there are only maximum 4 postal codes are allowed as per the standard country configuration and this is working perfectly in XD01, VA01 codes that when we add more than 4 postal codes, system is throwing a standard error message.

But in an incoming IDOC, when there is a postal code of more than 4 digits, still idoc is successfully processing and creating a sales order though with the existing customer postal code (ie just 4 digits as in the master data). We would like to know if we can restrict the idoc with an error message when the correct digits of postal codes are not found in the incoming idoc! Could you please help?



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Hello gino.babu2

IDoc ORDERS creates sales order with batch-input call to VA01. So the postal code validation should work the same in VA01 and in an IDoc processing.

Postal code formats are defined in SPRO: ABAP Platform -> General settings -> Set Countries -> Define Postal Code, e.g. for Poland:

Also have a look at the documentation to this configuration node:

The validation is executed with the ADDR_POSTAL_CODE_CHECK function. You can put a break-point there and check if a postal code is validated and how.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski