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post with clearing : process open items

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i do post and clearing FB05.

i select incoming payment for transaction to be processed in the selection screen.


in the first line items, i put PK 40 for bank account and the next screen i put the amount, say 100 and hit process open items button.

i choose the customer account and hit process open items button.

in the standard tab, it shows list of document and also the amount entered (amount to be cleared) 100.

now my question comes :

as i debit bank 100 (pk 40), it should credit cust 100- (pk 15), right?

amount entered field is showing 100 then assigned field should be 100- to make it 0 in not assigned field, right?

but in this case, i need to select positive 100 and not negative 100 in the cust account document list.

this is what i confused. as in f-03 or f-32, i remember if amount entered field is positive then i need to choose negative amount so that in not assigned field is 0.


why in first line item, if i put PK 15, i not able to process open items anymore. for example if i enter 100 and click process open items, when i put in PK 50 the same amount on the next item line, i not able to simulate correctly as with unassigned figure.

can explain?


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When you select "process open items", the system lists the Open items of customer. You are supposed to select an open item to be cleared with the amount received from the customer. When you sell a product, Customer is debited and hence it is positive only.....

I hope it is clear

S Jayaram