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Post individual entries from Infotype 15 to Payroll

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We post out of pocket employee expenses now into infotype 15. The employee can have 1 expense per week. During semi-monthly payroll calculation, system is getting 2 expense entries from 2 weeks, add the amount, and posting 1 single amount in payroll. However, we would prefer that each amount is posted separately. What do we need to do to make this happen ? Is this a standard solution from SAP where it combines the amount in infotype 15 into 1 amount ? Any help is appreciated.



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Hi Ninja,

You should be able to use assignment number field to enter text as week 1 expense and week 2 expense for 2 expenses.

You need to be able to capture this assignment number field value for respective Wage type under variable split so it gets into V0 table in pay results and it will then post the 2 amounts for same wage type as separate line item.