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Post goods issue in VL01N?

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Hi ,

I have come across a scenarion where I have to first save the delivery and the separately do a post goods issue in the change mode of the delivery.

I somehow do not get the logic, If i try to do the pgi before saving the delivery from VL01N itself, i get an error log saying that the delivery is complete.

Am i missing something.



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Answers (4)

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You can do the PGI in VL01N also. Here you are getting error possibly beacuse you have not done the picking.

If the material is relevant for picking then before doing pgi, you have to complete picking first.

In VL01N , go to the menu bar, click on Subsequent function,create transfer order. Now in the create transfer order screen put adopt pick quantity as 2 and press enter. At a time picking and pgi will be completed.



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You can very well do that. First you can create a delivery and save it, the go to VL02N and do the picking and PGI.

If it is not happening for a particular delivery, chech the status of delivery whether it has been PGI'ed or not?


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Could you do the PGI through VL02N. Please check it for the same document mentioned above.



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Please check the document flow for that delivery..

If it is showing any subsequent document then it means it already pgi done..

And also check the delviery status overveiw...