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Possible values for Status in TBTCO

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Dear All,

I would like to know list of possible value for Status field in table TBTCO and their description.

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Answers (2)

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From include LBTCHDEF:


btc_running LIKE tbtco-status VALUE 'R',

btc_ready LIKE tbtco-status VALUE 'Y',

btc_scheduled LIKE tbtco-status VALUE 'P',

btc_released LIKE tbtco-status VALUE 'S',

btc_aborted LIKE tbtco-status VALUE 'A',

btc_finished LIKE tbtco-status VALUE 'F',

btc_put_active LIKE tbtco-status VALUE 'Z',

btc_unknown_state LIKE tbtco-status VALUE 'X'.


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Check in the table FAVSELS for the following fields







Hope this helps,


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My job has with status 'P', so think it would be PRELIM. Can you please provide me some explanation on PRELIM

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The 'help' on the field description gives the following explanation of the statuses,

The following statuses are possible:

o Scheduled: Job defined, but not yet eligible to run even if the

start condition has been fulfilled.

o Released: Job eligible to be started as soon as the start condition

with which it was scheduled is fulfilled.

o Ready: Job waiting to start. The job has been released and the

job's start condition has been fulfilled.

o Active: Job is currently running and can no longer be deleted or

reset to scheduled.

o Finished: Job has been successfully completed. All job steps

completed successfully. Note: the background processing system

cannot always determine whether an external job step was

successfully completed. In this case, the system assumes successful


o Terminated: Job was ended abnormally either through user action or

through an error in running a job step.


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Values for TBTCO-STATUS:

A - Cancelled

F - Completed

P - Scheduled

R - Active

S - Released