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Possibility to attach documents in TEM?

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Hi all,

I've accidentally posted this as a blog post already, but I guess it more belongs into the discussion section:

We have an old Training and Event Management solution in use and I received the question whether it is possible to link a scanned file to a business event.

I am only aware of the integration towards an Optical Archiving system for PA infotypes via table TOAHR.

Is there such a thing for PD infotypes as well? Does anybody know of any possible add-on products that are available on the market?



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Hi Bastian,

we use LSO but probably the TEM also supports the PD functionality of 'Generic Object Services BC-SRV-GBT'.

You can e.g. use transaction PP01 -> Maintain Object -> Create -> Create Attachment and upload scanned files like a participation list. Or you use the Create external document (URL) to refer to an scanned file which is located e.g. on sharepoint.



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Hi Frank,

How are you? Haven't talked to you for some time. Funny to meet you here @ SCN.

Thanks for that, sometimes things are so obvious. Did not even think about the generic object services. That should do...