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Position hierarchy view in Org chart module not displaying the hierarchy

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Dear experts - This is regarding Position hierarchy in Org chart module. We are using scenario3 - Online data extraction via sap.

In sap the org structure hierarchy is represented by org units, positions and persons occupying these positions - There are positions defined under the org units - One org unit can have many positions defiend under it.

In position hierarchy can i get the list of all the positions that fall under a given root position though an explicit hierarchy is not maintained for positions in SAP.

Has any one worked on the position hierarchy view - Can you please help me understand how to get positions displayed in hierarchial structure when data is extracted from SAP.

Bapi's i have tried in data connection settings are --> BAPI_ReportingPosition_DataSet and BAPI_3_DataSets_S2S

Configuration in general settings:

Hierarchy ID Field: ID

Hierarchy Parent Field: ParentNo

Element ID Field: ID

Child Exists Filter: HasChildren = 'True'

OrgChart Root: Tried with highest position but only one position got displayed

Default OrgChart Root: OrgChart Root

Parent Description Field: ParentName

If i give Root org unit against the filed OrgChart Root in the above general settings i get an error that root org unit is not found.

Note: Org structure is displayed as desired starting with the root org unit.

Thanks & Regards


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Hi HK:

How are managers assigned in your org structure? In Succession Planning you get a choice of choosing either direct position to position manager relationships, or chief of the org type relationships. However, in Org Chart, the admin guide states:

The position-to-position hierarchy (S A002 to S relationship) must be maintained on the SAP server for the

position hierarchy to function.

So basically, if you create managers by making them chief of an org unit, that won't work for Org Chart's position hierarchy.



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Thanks for a quick reply Chris - your answer was very helpful

Lets say a position-to-position hierarchy (S A002 to S relationship) is defined in SAP server - If the assignment of positions is done as chief of the org type relationship, is it possible to get the position Hierarchy. - I think it is not possible

According to my understanding position data should be maintained in hierarchial order (Like how the org units are maintained i e in hierarchial order) in SAP server to get the position hierarchy function working in org chart - Is it possible in any other way.

Can it be possible to get position hierarchy by maintaining some custom evaluation paths in SAP



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Hi HK,

You have 2possibilites in order to visualise the Position Hierarchy:

1. Maintain S A 002 S relationships

2. Use a custom evaluation path and link a function module to the evaluation path that derives the S A 002 S relationships

In Staged I regularly derive the S A 002 S relationships and I have seen this done in SAP before too for a Live implementation. You just need to find a clever Basuis guy

I hope that helps.