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Position Assignment issue with A008

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Hi Experts.

I have a problem of assigning more than one person in a position

In the config i give A008 relationship with 3 as time constant

and while assigning person i am using assignment percentage

like.. 50 % and 50% for 2 persons. it is working but it allows more the 2 persons with 50 % assignment .

So i thing there is no check on the Percentage field.

please let me know the config. how to restrict the position with 100 % with any no of person.



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Hi Avik,

you can achive this by maintaining 100% as E(Error) against relationship 008 in table T77AR,

otherwise it wont check the 100% occupancy.



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Hi Soori ,


I already did that in T77AR table with rel 008 - E in 100% check field.

B 008 Holder E E E

but i am not doing for A relationship means A008 now while i am checking again i got the fault.

now it is working fine..