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popup an error massage if we crate the customer name with the existing cust

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Dear Guru’s,

Are there any possibilities to popup an error massage if we crate the customer name with the existing customer name?

Ex: Existing Customer # 500, Customer Name: Sriram infotech ltd. If I create customer #501 with the same customer Name: Sriram infotech ltd. Here my requirement is system should not save and it should through an error massage “customer is existing with the name of Sriram infotech ltd.”

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear bhanu:

To issue a warning message or error message when the same customer exists, a message has to be created.

Create a Message and select the message no in

Change Message Control for Customer Master Data..

This can be found in

SPRO - Financial Accounting Global Settings (New) - Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable - Customer Accounts - Master Data - Preparations for Creating Customer Master Data - Change Message Control for Customer Master Data.

You can also use message no:145 - Customers found with same address; check.

If the user tries to enter the same address, The system may give warning or error message according to you configuration settings.

Please let me know if you need more information.

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Dear MSReddy,

Thanks a lot for your reply.



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There is a standard SAP function for duplicate address checking :

IMG > Financial accounting > Accounts receivable & payable > Customer accounts > Master data > Preparations for creating ... > CHANGE MESSAGE CONTROL FOR CUSTOMER MASTER

Insert message 145 "Customers found with same address; check"

From the help : "The work area is "F2" for switching on the duplicate check for customer master records. In this case, the system checks whether accounts with the same address already exist when creating a new account or changing the address. Matchcode fields are used for searching. If these contain the same data, the duplicates found by the system are displayed in a window."


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Dear Bhanu,

Generally there is possibility of having same name for the different customers at this situation what you are going to do are you not going to do business with them!!

System will give Unique number to each customer even if the customers having same name then what is the problem with same name!!

But your requirement here is you want to restrict the customers who are having same name,based on this your client is not going to do the business with the same name customers !!

If you want really implement this then you discuss with Your ABAPer tell the requirement he may full fill your requirement.

I hope it will help you



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contact your abaper and give him the requirement