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Populating Support Dropdown List options

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Does anyone know where to populate :

Support Ticket ' Type ' ( initially empty in fresh install )

and while on the subject of Support Dropdown lists is it possible to amend the contents of

Support Project ' Type ' and ' Sub Type' ?

If these things are in code definitions - apologies - i haven't managed to find them yet although I admit I haven't looked at the underlying database yet.

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Hi Geoff,

All three of these can be add/edit/delete under the Definitions->Code Definitions menu.

Just change the dropdown to the code type (tickettype, projecttype, projectsubtype) and hopefully the rest is obvious.

To add one, use the empty textboxes at the bottom and click the "+" to save. Ticket type does not exist in the distribution data, so just add whatever makes sense to you; make sure "tickettype" is typed lower case.

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Thanks Shane - all working fine - it did not occur to me that tickettype could be added using this screen !