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Populate Payroll Infotypes

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Assuming that the Payroll run has taken place and subsequently corrections have been made, is there a transaction that needs to be run (on a need basis) to populate Payroll Infotypes like 402, 403, 446 – 460?

The Payroll infotypes should not be populated from the Payroll run. Rather they should be populated by running the transaction after all Payroll corrections have been made. The ultimate goal is to use these Payroll Infotypes for creating SAP Queries.

Any help is appreciated.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Paul,

Two ways to fill Payroll Infotypes - Assignment to Payroll (IMG: Personnel Management --> Human Resources Information System --> Payroll Results --> Set-up Assignment ot Payroll) and report <b>RPABRI00</b>.

First method is automatic, whenever payroll is run, the infotypes (0402, etc.) are created. Simple, but drawback is that it only reflects the payroll run itself. Any adjustments outside the run are not reflected until the next payroll run.

Running the RPABRI00 report can restrict who you include in the report and which infotypes. It is also the most current data from the payroll clusters. But you would have to manually run the report or schedule to run the report.

Both methods, however, still have the flaw that they are not dynamic. They only report the pay information at the time the infotype is filled. Subsequent changes are not shown.

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Thanks, Paul. I will give it a try.

BTW, I have assigned points to you.

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