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Polish payroll issue: FP/FGSP

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Hi Anyone,

I'm in the process of applying three OSS notes for Poland payroll.

The OSS note of my concern is #1323028. This note required three

prerequisites; 1297363, 1316576, and 1317569. I have susscessfully

applied note 1316576. Note 1317569 rejected because it was expecting

the prerequisite note 1297363.

In January of this year, I applied OSS note 1298110. Note 1298110

specifically states "In case you have not yet applied the note 1297363,

it is enough to import the above mentioned transport because it

contains the full and corrected ABAP coding of the legal change

described in note 1297363." Note 1297363 also issues a caution and

refers to note 1298110.

Now, as a result of only applying 1298110, the subsequent notes 1316576

and 1323028 are not accepted due to the prerequisite discrepancy.

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As far as I know note's 1323028 prerequisites have been changed, so you should be

able to implement it in your system. Please give it a try and in case of further problems

let me know.