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Poland payroll..

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Hi All,

Can anyone help me in configuring payroll for Poland.. there is no country specific payroll for Poland in SAP.

Please let me know the country specific statutory and non-statutory requirements of the country.

Thank you in advance..

Thanks & Regards


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Hi Syed

Even I needed some inputs on Poland

can you please let me know if below is one of the statuory requirement and if there is a solution for the same

1.In PR05 When the Expense types are Same but appear as 2 different line items ( e.g claimant going from Mumbai too Pune and then from Pune to Nasik there is two entries but the Expense type used is the same CAB) but when we make a posting in FI ( first PRFI and then PRRW) then the two line items gets merged into one as they have the same G/L account and same Tax Code is there any way to switch off this summarisation

2. Same with the line item appearing in FI document . The Poland MC says that this is a statuotory requirement where they want seprate line item of VAT code for each line item in PR05 even if the tax code is the same - any solution for this too