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PO Type for Shipment Costing

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Dear all,

I have configured the shipment process to run in system as follow:

Sales Order (VA01) --> Delivery (VL01N) --> Shipment (VT01N) > Shipment Cost (VI01)> Post Goods Issue (VL02N) --> Transfer Shipment Cost to FI (VI02) --> Invoice Verification (MIRO) --> Billing (VF01)

The scenario:

The entire process is working correctly and posting to Finance & Acct. Determination is correct. However, During the step of Transferring the Shipment cost to Finance, the Purchase Order (in MM) is generated in background along with the Service Entry Sheet (automatically accepted), which is not a problem.

My question is:

1. How can I determine/configure in the system that during automatic trigger of the PO, it will choose the PO type that I want to use. I am unable to find it in Shipment configurations. Currently by default is taking "NB", which I have found that it is taking the value from the path IMG --> Materials Management --> Purchasing --> Maintain Default Values for Document Type , which for the transaction ME21N (when the system call), it will automatically take NB.

For example I want it to use PO type ZS01, I have to maintain in the above path, but by default when ME21N is executed, it will also take ZS01 in the main screen.

2. If not possible via configuration, any exit possible to use?

Please advise.


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Answers (2)

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I have fixed this issue in shipment costing and influence the change of the PO Type via Company Code as the key, reason being the design of the company is as such that, one company code have one individual PO type.

Enhancement point is used.

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Hello PKW

You are right about the default PO type for ME21N or ME21.

But there is some hope with EXIT_RV54POCR_006 (Function Module) via enhancement V54U0006. I am not sure if it helps for PO type or for other header data only.

Please go through the following OSS notes and those mentioned within:

506605 - Info: PO generation when transferring shipment costs

746691 - INFO: => LE-TRA-FC-SET => purchase order

Let me know if it helped you.