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PO text(Header and Item) OMQ6 and CG3Y

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Hi All

We are running Tcode OMQ6 and Then CG3Y to get the text present in header and item level for set of POs. now i have done this for almost 1000 POs out of which for 20-30 POs syetem is not giving correct result.

actually for these POs text is present at item level but OMQ6 is not transferring this to loacl file or we can say it is not considering these PO.

I am wondering what can be the possible reason for this, if anybody have worked on this and got similar issue the appreciate your fast reponse.



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Hi Yogesh,

this is a long shot, but could it be that the ones that are being missed have been manually entered or changed and the others have been taken from the material or info record? (or vice versa)

I am not sure which texts you are using, so sorry if this is not relevant.

remember that when you set up texts to be copied from the material master or info record there are flags that indicate if the text is copied into the PO or simply referenced from the mastr record (in which case you SEE it on the PO but it is actually still stored on the material master or info record).

As I say, just a long shot, but nothing else springs to mind.

Steve B