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PO Release Strategy

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Dear Experts,

I want a solution for a problem REGARDING PO releasing. The release strategy for releasing a PO is at three different hierarchal levels i.e A , B , C firstly PO is released by A and then by B and then by C and (untill the PO is released by the previous level it is not visible for the next hierarchical level) and thus the PO is released completely but while un releasing the same ,the reverse order is not automatically followed that is firstly C should unrealease and then B and after that A rather A directly unreleases the PO and thus all other automatically gets unreleased and A makes the changes . Now this need to be changed that untill C unreleases the Po, The Po should not be available for unreleasing to the lower levels as it is in case while releasing.


Rahul Vaid

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rahul Vaid,

Every person (release code) can cancel his release. The functionality you are experiencing is standard.

Please find an example of Business scenario

Let say the prerequisite as below:

A-> B -> C -> D -> Y(higher level)

From business point of view , many customers need this function

since it is correct that if anyone of the A -> D find something

incorrect in po, anyone can cancel the release immediately before

things go bad during the period of informing all levels .

Let say A->B->C->D->Y:

Scenario :

In hierarchy method, when you reset 'C' strategy code, 'D' and 'Y'

will also reset. When you increase the total net value,

'A', 'B', 'C', "D and 'Y' as well. This is standard logic.

Once the release code reset, the PO detail can be change and the

PO need to reapproved again. If the total net value is higher,

then the whole reset strategy will reset (means the approval

need from A->B->C->D->Y again.

I hope this information is of help.



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