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PO release strategy for PO change only

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Hello SAP Experts,

We are automatically create PO through some interface / portals. Hence PO release strategy is not required during PO creation.

However, later those POs are getting amended due to some reasons. Now we want to trigger PO release strategy for PO changing.

Please let me know, if it is possible to trigger / configure PO release strategy only for PO change and not for PO creation.



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Answers (6)

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Dear Deepak,

You can use user exit EXIT_SAPLEBND_002.

In the user exit, you can use write your own coding so the checking if-end if on change mode, then only this statement E_CEKKO = I_CEKKO included to pass the characteristics and the release strategy get trigger.

Hope this will help.

ian Wong Loke Foong

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Dear sir ;

to achieve this you need to identify which field is coming blank at the time of PO creation from other source .if all fields are coming then its not possible in standard SAP we need to thick about some development .


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Hi Deepak,

A work around triggered to my mind,please check the feasibility by discussing with ABAPER

1.In your Class and characteristics assignment ,create Purchase group as one of the characters(CL02 & CT04)

2.Keep a Purchase group un assigned(CL20N),means for that Purchase group no release strategy will be triggered.

3. Default  this Purchase group while you are creating your PO using automated tool/interface. So while creation no strategy will be triggered

4.If you want to change PO you have to use ME22N T code.Use an user exit to write a check that if sys_Tcode = ME22N, this Purchase group is not allowed.This possibility of writing a validation ,you may explore.

Thanks & Regards


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In standard not possible- you need go for development!

You can keep all release values in release strategies and go for concept - do not triggers release strategy for 1st time PO creation with t.code ME21N or ME59N but triggers release strategy once the same PO is edited with t.code ME22N only.


Biju K

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A release strategy kicks in when the characteristics match with the values from the PO.

So use one of the user characteristic e.g. USRC1 and check in exit  M06E0004  if it is change or creation and return 1 if it is change and with 0 if it is an initial creation.

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It is not possible to have release strategy only for PO changes. If your requirement is to inform some one about PO changes, then you may go for workflow.