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PO quantity exceeds PR quantity

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Currently our system allows to create many Purchase Orders referring to the same Purchase Requisition using the App Create Purchase Order - Advanced.

For example, if we have a PR with 5 units of a material we can create two PO with 5 units each one referred to the same PR, having ordered a total of 10 units even though the initial requisition was 5 units.

I would like to know how to prevent this from happening, if a PO is already made with the total units from the PR referred, the system should not allow to make another PO refering to the same PR and exceeding its quantity.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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A purchase requisition does not per se define the quantity for a purchase order generated based on that PR. You might have situations, where the requested quantity is to be split up into different PO's (for different suppliers for instance). You might have situations, where the requested quantity is smaller than the ordered quantity - like someone simply calling up to procurement department, or informally simply collecting multiple demands into one PO item and so on and so on.

The standard conversion from PR to PO will not change the quantity per se obviously, but it would not be accepted by many customers to simply remove the capability to order more than what was requested - be it by changing one PO item generated from the PR or be it by having multiple PO items created for the same PR. Also a once fully converted PR will move out of the list of actionable PR's. As a result a user doing this must do a conscious decision that this is corect in this case.

We do provide an BADI exit for checking a PO before saving. In that you would be able to implement a check on your own, if this is important to you. This could entail to simply make a direct check of the currently to be created PO item and the related PR, and it could also entail to find out all PO items generated for one PR item, adding quantities from all related PO items to determine if PR quantity has been exceeded. If you opt for this you should also consider UoM conversion (if differnt PO items do work with different Unit of Measurements)

Regards Thomas

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hello Jose,

In addition to Thomas reply, please review KBA 2789232 - How to add error message "The quantity of PO cannot be more than that of PR " in S/4HANA Cloud, on implementing own check/custom error message preventing creation of mulitple POs against single PR.



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Hello Hemashree B ,

Can we apply same procedure for "ERP business suite"? Please confirm me.

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