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PO output determination based on item type (material or service)

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Dear Experts,

Please give me a hint whether it is possible to configure a PO output based on the line items of the actual PO. (I would like to issue an output automatically if there is at least one line item on the PO, which is a material [not a service].)

Is this configurable by the condition technique?

If not by configuration, how could this be achieved by coding?

Thank you in advance!


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Zoltán,

A new condition table can be created in the following path:

T-code OLME -> Messages - > Output Control -> Condition Tables -> Define Condition Table for Purchase Order -> Messages: Create Condition Table: Purchase Order. You can select material field when creating the new condition table.

After that the condition table needs to be added to the access sequence that is assigned for the output type.

Then you can use T-code MN04 and create a conditon record by selecting the condition table. Dispath. Time can be set to 4 <Send immediately (when saving the application)> .

When a PO is created. The output type will be determined , and sent to vendor automatically after the PO is saved.



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Thank you Diana!

My question would be, how the material field will behave in the condition table for output determination if there is one service line (type D, no material code) and one material line (type " ", with material code) in the PO.



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