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PO, GR and Invoice

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Is there a transaction, report, or tables to build a query that could give me the Purchase Order Value$, Goods Receipt Value$, and Invoice Value$ for a specific time period? I want to find the variance between all three, thanks for your help.



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Refer Tcode ME80FN click on Change Veiw & select Purchase Order History with this you can get PO-GRN-INVOICE Qty & Value details

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You can use report in t.code: MB5S which used to determine open purchase orders where goods receipts have been posted and still awaiting the vendor invoice {if any errors occurred in posting goods receipts and/or invoice receipts}.Here you can view the Purchasing document Number, Item Number,Material Received quantity, Material Quantity invoiced.

Also check details of materials movements in t.code:S_P00_07000139


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There is a ABAP program to get quarterly PO ,GR, INVOICE VALUES . Please check below link.

T o build a query the tables which are to be considered......

For GR use the tables MSEG and MKPF .For invoice BSEG , RKBP and BKPF are the tables .

For PO EKKO and EKPO are the tables. By clubbing all thes you can build a query to gat the PO, GR, IR values in a report. Hope it works. Thanking you.

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These are some std reports in mm

MCBA Plant

MCBC Storage Location

MCBE Material

MCBR Batches

MC.9 Material Stock

MC.A Material Receipts / Issues

MC.B Inventory Turnover u2013 Material

MC.1 Plant Stock

MC.2 Plant Receipts / Issues

MC.3 Plant Inventory Turnover

MC.5 Stock u2013 Storage Location

MC.6 Storage Location Receipts / Issues

MC.7 Storage Location Inventory Turnover

Purchasing Information System

MCE1 Purchase Group Analysis

MCE3 Vendor Analysis

MCE5 Material Groups Analysis

MCE7 Material Analysis

MC$G Material Purchasing Values

MC$I Material Purchasing Quantities

MC$O Material Frequencies

MC$4 Vendor Purchasing Values

MC$6 Vendor Purchasing Quantities

MC$: Vendor Frequencies

MC$0 Purchasing Group Values

MC$2 Purchasing Group Frequencies

MC$< Material Group Purchasing Values

MC$> Material Group Purchasing Quantities

MC$E Material Group Frequencies

Purchasing Reports

ME80FN General Analysis of Purchasing Documents

ME81N Analysis of Order Values

ME23N Display Purchase Order

ME53N Display Purchase Requisition

ME5A List Display Of Requistions

ME33L Display Scheduling Agreement

ME39 Display Delivery Schedule

ME43 Display RFQ

ME4L List RFQ by Vendor

ME4M List RFQ by Material

ME4S List RFQ by Collective Number

ME48 Display Quotation

ME2L Purchasing Documents per Vendor

ME2M Purchasing Documents per Material

ME2K Purchasing Documents by Account Assignment

ME2W Purchasing Document by Supplying Plant

ME2V Expected Goods Receipts

MD13 Display Planned Order Single

MD16 Display Planned Order Collective

Invoice Reports

MB5S List of GR/IR balances

MIR6 Invoice Overview

MIR4 Display Invoice

MIR5 Display Invoice List

Stock Reports

MMBE Stock Overview

MB51 Material Document List

MB03 Display Material Document

MB54 Vendor consignment stocks

CO09 Material Availability

MB5C Batch Where Used Pick Up List

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Try report ME80FN or you can create a query on table EKBE, EKBE has all the purchase history details, you can get values of GR as well as invoice for a given period (posting date)