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PO email output fails?

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Hi All,

We have a PO email output ZNEU which keeps failing because sometimes the email address has not been maintained in the vendor master. So when we check it in the PO it looks in status "yellow", but it is not turning up in SOST transaction. A lot of POs are failing like this and due to large volume we are not able to check each and every PO individually.

Could someone tell me where can we check those POs which have failed,gone into error or are just hanging in status yellow for the email output?

Best Regards,


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Check the table NAST, you will find the status in the field VSTAT.

Here, filter the value 0 or 2 to get these PO numbers. You will find the PO number in the field OBJKY.

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thanks Dibyendu...this helps a lot...just one more there a way to know quickly why that particular output has failed?

In the PO the output is seen as hanging in status "yellow", but there is no porcessing log, so it is hard to know why it failed...neither does it turn up in SOST...