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PO created with ref to PR

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In our scenario, one person has created the PR with his ID and put his PUr Group in PR,

with respect to PR one more person created the PO, but Pur group taking from PR, this is correct also as per SAP Std.

But user told me that, when he is created the PO with Ref to somebody's created PR then it would not take the pur Grp from PR, it will take the his Pur group, automaticaly

how is it possible. if possible give some guidence.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The purchase group what ever entered in the PR will be adopted in the PO unless someone changes it in PO.But the user creating the PO ,if has used the default value functionality and has set Purchase group different in the PO this will be defaulted .


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Dear Sapman,

There are two possibilities this to happen,

1. User might have default setting done at header for the Purchase Group.

2. For Purchase grp parameter id, default setting might have done for the user in SU02. ( Check default parameters for that user)

Thanks & regards,

Krishna Reddy

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The user who has created PO for the PR would have made default setting for header level, check in those default setting.



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If you enter the PO header data first (ME21N) and then reference the PR - you will end-up with different pur.grp. in PO.

If you first referenced the PR to the PO - the pur.grp. will be copied to the PO.

Hope this helps,