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PO by email?

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Hi Gurus,

I want to send PO via email. I can;t find email under "medium" coloumn in messages table of PO. Is there any way without any extra config, can I send the PO via email?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Plz note that,the system will set MAIL, if all configuration of your system is correct.

u2022 The user has to have the mail address in SU01;

u2022 Define the communication strategy in the Customizing via the following path:

(SPRO -> IMG -> SAP Web Application Server -> Basic Services -> Message Control -> Define

Communication Strategy).

u2022 Use the standard SAP environment (program 'SAPFM06P', FORM routine 'ENTRY_NEU' and

form 'MEDRUCK') as the processing routines

u2022 In the condition records for the output type (for example, Transaction MN04), use medium '5' (External


u2022 The vendor has to have the mail address in master data;

u2022 Use Transaction SCOT to trigger the output manually.

u2022 To be able to display, for example, the e-mail in Outlook, enter PDF as the format in the node

Check this link

Thanks & Regards,


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