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PM Work Order not to delete PO after TECO

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As standard SAP Work Order process

there are three cases:

1- WO created --  PR created-----------------------------------TECO, PR deletion indicator

2- WO created -- PR created  -- REQ created--------------TECO, PR deletion indicator

3- WO created -- PR created -- PO created-----------------TECO, PR deletion indicator (to remove deletion indictor)

after doing TECO for each stages, PR is set for deletion flag.

For case 3 and once Maintenance reopening the Work Order for invoicing and PO is there,  PR workflow will get reset from the beginning.

I want to stop PR deletion flag in case 3 once PO is there, so when Maintenance reopening WO,  PR would not reset the workflow and PR will not go for further process.


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problem is not setting the deletion flag in PR (or) removing the deletion flag from PR.

problem is in Work flow triggering. Ask your Work flow team to check that, PR Work flow should only trigger for new PR (or) if any changes in PR value (or) some changes in PR.

When there is a OPEN PO against the work order, Why users are closing the work order and re opening again for Invoicing.

Invoicing means SES (service entry sheet) ? if yes, before TECO SES Should be done.

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This is standard behavior.

Why do you need this functionality?


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This is standard behavior.Once the order is technically completed  the PR item are marked for deletion.



Gaurav Solanki