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PM Work order Basic Start Date field is Blank(Order is Generated Via Program)

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Need your suggestion/Inputs on the below issue which is experienced in our Organisation !

    A Client Specific PM order type is defined "SF18 - Sales Van's Servicing" & this is generated via Custom Program in which basic finish date is picked up from Equipment/Fleet - Vehicle ID details( A date field is reflected in Basic finish date).

    Daily PM background job runs to check with interval of 60 days, The Fleet dates whichever comes into the tolerance of 60th day - A work order(SF18) is generated for further business process.

Issue is :-

    For Specific Fleets its observed that Basic date of work order is blank & finish date is updated as per vehicle ID details in fleet.

  • While trying to create a manual Work order(via IW31 - with Specific fleet for which dates are not updated via program) - Observed is date fields of PM work order is blank. It's Notification created date & Time are captured as per standard.
  • While for other fleets it's normal & dates are populated as per standard with default created date & Time.
  • No Custom code was setup on Basic start date field & Many WO's are generated with basic start date details.
  • Not replicated in Quality/Dev system.
  • Order Tables AUFK is udpated with ERDAT field(i.e.. Created On)
  • Order Table AFKO GSTRP is blank(i.e.. Basic start date)

    Your Comments/Suggestions will be highly appreciated to resolve this outstanding issue !


Vishal Singh

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Vishal,

It looks like Configuration Issue (SPRO).

By comparing the configuration settings of Order type SF18 to that of other Order types, you might arrive at the solution.

Jogeswara Rao K

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Issue is resolved upon checking the configuration checking

SPRO --> Plant Maintenance & Customer Service --> Maintenance & Service processing --> Maintennace & Service orders --> General Data --> Activate Default value for current date as Basic date for Orders.

First i have listed out the PM orders for which basic start date field is blank & Observed that it's for few specific plants only. Then reviewed configuration settings & done the necessary changes.

Thanks Jogeswara rao


Vishal Singh

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