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PM order requirement assignment tab and assignment of person from Planning board

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Hi All,

I am facing couple of issues with the planning board.

Issue1: I have created maintenance order and  I have maintained the work, no of people and duration in the operations. Also I have maintained the formulas in the work center. Still I am not getting the requirement assignment tab in the internal tab for that operation. Is that any config setting or work center setting missing?

Issue2 : I believe since the assignment tab is not there, when I do split of the operation and assign the personnel number for dispatch, the information such as personnel number  is not flowing to the order. when I do drag and drop of the operation against the personnel number with out split, the actual personnel number is not getting copied back to the operation from the planning board. is there any exist to capture the personnel number and update the order operation?

Awaiting for response

many thanks in advance


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Hi Manoj,

Have you maintained other formula under Capacities Tab in your Work Center. If not please assign SAP008 there and then check.


Asheesh Aswal