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Please help to propose post goods issue from delivery ( Urgent)

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HI all,

Could you please help to propse the process of post goods issue.

We have a plant XXX and storage location XXX and materials are available in That plant, Once the delivery is created what are the proposals i have to give

1. GL side

2. TO side

3. (pick, pack, Pgi)PGI side

4. Invoice side.


Muralikrishna Nandigama.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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A material is present in suppose Plant 0001 and storage location 0001.

and if plant and storage loc are not assigned to ware house and mateial is not extended to WM then.

<b>TO side :</b>

1) Ther will be no TO. for To you have to exetnd material to WM view and assign plant and storage loc to WM.

<b>piCK ,PACK side:</b>

2 a)IF you have Warehouse mgmt in picture then the picking will be done from WM with TO creation (LT03)and confirmation(LT12).

b) but if no WM ,thjen picking will be done in delivery itself (VL02N)

and packing will be done there itself using that pack button.

for packing you have to create packing instructions in POP1 and packing determination in POF1. then do PGI.

<b>Invoice side :</b>

3) After PGI , Billing will come into picture, go to VF01 and enterthe delivery no.

and save it. and release it.

a billing document will be generated.

<b>GL side :</b>

4) the pricing procedure in sales order contails GL account keys (ERL,ERS etc.)

onc ethe billing will be done , the Account keys will automatically hit the GL account. and accounting dos will be created.

for any further queries pls get back to me.

@award pts if helpful.



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