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Please guide me how to include storage location to existing material master

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Hi Guru's,

Please guide me how to include storage location to existing material master....

please provide step by step process or provide any documentation that would be helpfull to me...

please let me know of my question is not clear..

Thanks in advance and will give full points....


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Srinivas,

I think you might have forgot to give storage location while creation of material master.

You can extend the material to storage location in MMSC trxn code.

Please go thru. once and you will understand automatically.

Revert back if case not solved.



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Answers (5)

Answers (5)

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Hi Guru's...

Thanks for imm responce and your valuble time and valuble inputs...

once again thanks to all



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First :- You can define the storage loctions in the plant under the customization :- SPRO -> Enterprise Structure ->Definition -> Materials Management ->Maintain storage location

Once defined under the plant, you can create the same storage locations in the material master

Second :- Under SPRO -> MM -> Inventory -> palnt parameters, for your plant check the field " Create Storage locations Automatically" . This will lead to create new storage locations at the time of GR, even if you have not maintained under step 1.

Hope it answers your question.


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Go to MM01 trxn

enter Material number

Industry sector

Material Type

and in the Next Screen Select views & enter Palnt & Sto loc

and press enter

then SAve..

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Create Storage Location Automatically:

In this step, you specify whether the automatic creation of storage location data is allowed for goods receipts.

This is advisable if you want to post a goods receipt without having to maintain the storage location view of the material master record in advance.

You have to allow automatic creation per plant first of all. You then have to explicitly allow the creation of storage location data for each movement type.

Do this setting in IMG__MM_Inventory Management_GR_Create Storage location automatically.

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Hi ,

Go to T-Code MMSC and extend material to required storage location .