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PLD String Replace Function?

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Hello Experts,

I would like to use the Sum in Words option in the field properties Format tab. However, I would like to have this in a language for which there is no LRF.

I have read all the various Sum in Words/Amount in Words threads I can find but I have no special locale based requirements (lacs etc). The default answer seems to be to prepare a FMS query and attach it to a UDF, then pull the variable into PLD.

Rather than rewriting the functionality, it would be far easier for me to use a series of Replace functions (the structure of Turkish for amount in words is exactly the same as English and translating each word (One, Two... Ten, Twenty... etc) with a Replace would solve my problem.

Looking at the documentation for PLD, I can see no prebuilt Replace function - is there any way this can be achieved?

If not, is there any Sum in Words function in B1 queries so I can at least do the replace there rather than writing an entire convert to words query?

Thank you.

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Wasn't able to force a string replace - had to hex edit the LRF instead. Quick and dirty, but it works.