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PLD page break for multuple shipto addresses on row level

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Is it possible to page break in PLD when you print a delivery document to a customer who has multiple ship-to addresses on the item rows? ex, Item 1 ships to California, Item 2 ships to Texas. If you print it out, is it possible to page break based on ship to address? What types of modifications do i need?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The ship to information is based on the selection made in the "Logistics" tab and that collects the information from the Business Partner (BP).

I don't know if it help for your scenario, but what you can do is create a text line between each line and fill the information regarding the ship address.

Another option is add this information in the remarks tab from each item, but if it varies from BP to BP it may not be the best approach.

Paulo Calado

SAP Business One Forums Team

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My mistake, maybe I'm not articulating this correctly. Let me rephrase that,

Is there way to have PLD print different documents or page break based on the ship to addresses on the document row: for example,

row number 1: has ITEMx and I defined it to ship to California

row number 2: ITEMxy, and I have it defined to ship to Texas.

This is on the row level not on the logistics tab (i used form settings to enable ship-to-name and ship-to-description, you can choose from here). The logistics tab has the default ship to, but I have multiple ship addresses as defined in the row of the document.


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You can page break on a row level value change in PLD.

You should first have this Shipping Address field from the rows add to the Repetitive Area

After this, go to Print Layout Designer Menu on the top > Repetitive Area > Sort ...

Select the address field you added and Check New Page check box.

This should do it


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Thanks Suda, that solved the problem.

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