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PLD for Excise tax code

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Hi Experts

I would like to create PLD for purchase order. That PLDs end of report area should be in

BED 0.00

E-CESS 0.00

HE CESS 0.00

VAT ( select 4% or 12.5%) 0.00

CST 0.00

Packing& Fwd 0.00

Delivery Charges 0.00

when i select tax code in purchase order like cenvat+vat 4, the tax amount split up should be in that areas another values are 0. If i select vat 4%, tax value should comes in vat value area another values are 0

Pls explain me how i do it?

Edited by: K. Asupathy Raja on Sep 20, 2008 9:18 AM

Edited by: Rui Pereira on Jan 26, 2009 4:33 PM

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please read through this thread to solve your issue:



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Thanks Gordon

But my qus is where is the BED, HR cess and Cess tax amount fields when i choose the tax code? i think tax amounts fields not in sap b one. So i cant retrieve the tax amounts in PLD.

Pls give your suggestions

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Check this SAP Note: 633285 Printing the total Vat amounts in each Vat group


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Hi Raja,

If tou want the tax break up , for that you have to mke the formula using the ostt and por4(purchase) and inv4 for invoice pld. table .

Every taxcode has a unique nota fiscal id .Use that in ur PLD .


First inser a repetitive area.

Suppose Hcess id is 90 in ostt.

1. Make a text field in repetive area and give 90 to it .

2. make a db field and fetch nota id from ostt.

3. make a formula field and Compare text field and db field .

4. link the test field and db field with formula field .

5. make a db field and fetch taxamount from por4.

6. link this filed also to formula field

7 . make a new formula field and multiple the amount field and previous formula field .

8. make a new formula field in repetitive area footer and do copulmn sum of last formula field which have the result of multiplication.

Hope this will help u .


Premraj .

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