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Plants abroad (WIA) - returns

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I have a question of how you deal with the situation of returns in WIA (plant abroad) process.

Let's say your company is located in Country_A and there you have your "main plant". In Country_B you have a plant, for which you use Plant abroad functionality.

You create a purchase order with 100kg Material_A and transfer it from plant in Country_A to plant in Country_B. After creating the PO you create the delivery using VL10H and finally book invoice with VF01/VF04. After the goods have arrived at the destination you notice, that there is a problem with for example quality. Now you want to send Material_A back to Plant_A in Country_A.

Do you make a cancellation of above created documents, do you use same document and delivery types to process the return (like a stocktransfer from Country_B to Country_A), or do you set "returns" flag in PO? Or did you create new document and delivery types to process the returns....?

The main issue is to get the right tax and to be able to process intrastat etc correctly...just transfering stock is not the problem...

Best regards,


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Can you please share if it was fixed in your case? I have quite simmilar case.

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Hi Mark,

In a Plants abroad concept, legally the inventory available in the Plant in Country_B, belongs to the same Company code in Country_A. Just that you'll have a different VAT registration number for country B as well for your company code in Country A.

So I don't understand how / why you created a billing document for this move. Looks like the issue lies in the understanding of ownership of the inventory.

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Hi Chandra,

in the EU it is a legal requirement to issue an invoice in a pants abroad case.

You need to report the VAT values to the tax authorities.



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Dear Mark,

Were you able to find the answer to your question?

We have the same problem and, even if I tried to use the same process (same STO type) with issuing and receiving plants reversed, I am able to get the right taxes, but, the internal price will not be ok, since will have always a negative post in account and that is not correct. It should be a mirror from a normal plants abroad.

Best regards,

Catarina Flores Santos.