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Plant XXXX not assigned to XXXX company code of Network

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My issue is we have multiple plants within a project that belong to different company codes. Initially the project is created with a single plant and later on determined to produce certain products from another plant. When changing the plant , it appears that if shipping network is already created , it greys out the plant/company code and hence throws an error 'Plant XXXX not assigned to XXXX company code of network'.

Are there rules regarding when a plant can be changed and when they cant. I am new to PS and so not very knowledgeable on situation. I see from other postings that it is possible to change plants in a project. However what are the conditions under which they can be changed. If someone can explain , would appreciate it.



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As said by Ken, project will be associated with controlling area. But WBS can be of different company code compared to project definition company code. But all this company code must fall under same controlling area.

On same even plant are of next level. Plant in WBS needs to belong to company code of the WBS. Network header will inherit the org structure from WBS to which its been assigned.

At network activity we can have different plant (use work center) but again needs to belong to same company code which is in activity.

Once cost are planned or actuals get posted they get greyed out.

Also check have you maintained Plant & network activity type parameter.

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The company code and plant have to be in agreement on a given network activity. For an entire project the only organization restriction is that everything must belong to the same Controlling Area.

Once costs have posted to a PS object the Plant/Company Code cannot be changed. You will need to create a new NWA.

Now the individual NWA's under a Network Header do not all have to have the same plant/company code.

Also, when you receive the error message what is the message number (you see this by double clicking on the message a pop up comes up)?