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Plant Maintenance, why 'Start date' is not visible?

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Hello guys, 

I've created a maintenance plan based on time (with strategy with multiple frequencies), but the "Start date" inside the maintenance plan (IP03) is not visible. I asked in my mind why, because If you schedule the plan (IP10), infact, the system asks you which is the start date, since it has not been declared anywhere.

On the contrary, the start date field is visible inside a maintenance plan with unique cycle (for eg. every 6 months). 

Any opinion? If we don't insert the start date within the maintenance plan for those, how the plan can know from which date has to start his activities? Thank you so much 🙂 

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Hi, Please follow Tcode IP10 and depends on single or strategy plan and requirements click on start or start in cycle to provide start date. 

This is a standard behaviour once maintenance plan scheduled start date won't be visible in ip02/ip03.

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Hi, I dont think the plan is scheduled. If scheduled, it will be not editable, but the screenshot shows its not visible.