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Plant Maintenance (PM) integrated with Pick/Stage in Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)

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My client has a requirement for plant maintenance and the use of maintenance orders for MRO materials. We will be using EWM in the warehouse and would like to have EWM control the picking and staging of materials for the maintenance orders to the PSA locations. We are exploring using Advanced Production Integration with Production Material Request (PMR) documents in our manufacturing processes. We have thought of the possibilities that PMRs could be used with maintenance orders along with possibly value added services orders being used however these options have not been explored in too much detail yet.

Has anyone had experience integrating Plant Maintenance with Extended Warehouse Management and could you talk about the solutions used?


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Can you provide any expertise on this?


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See roadmap EWM SAP 4 HANA 2021, not in S4 yet.

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Hi Michael,

Addition to Juergen.

Alternative Process:

"EWM in the warehouse and would like to have EWM control the picking and staging of materials for the maintenance orders to the PSA locations." -Stock Transfer( 313 )is created in ECC and distributed to EWM where you can do picking and staging.

Receipts and Issue docs are also distribute to EWM.

Kind Regards,


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Product and Topic Expert
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Hahaha, why do you think I have any idea about Plant Maintenance?

I am pretty sure that a PM order does NOT work with Advanced Production Integration (PP orders and PP-PI orders work with it, but orders for

Repetitive Manufacturing do not work with Advanced Production Integration, so why should a PM order? Which has nothing to do with production?).

I also do not believe that it is possible in the standard to use a VAS order with an PMR, there is no way to create one with reference to the other.

If there is a way to create an outbound delivery in ERP with reference to a PM order, then you can use it for getting material from EWM, but I would think that is it.



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