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Planning table in repetitive Mfg

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Hi Gurus

Pl give me some inputs about Planning Table in Repetitive Mfg

1) Business Process wise

2) Transaction wise

3) Which fields are important etc

4) I appreciate if your answer give me a full understanding and operation of the Planning table



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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1. REM- This is how a Reptitive manufacturing concept is called

2. The main part of the rem is to see the demand and the capacity in same screen and also adjust the demand accorkding to the avaialble demand

3. the master data requiremnet- material master,bom,routing ,productoin version

very important is the rem profile in the mrp view with the produciton line

4. productgion line is the one which is nothing but a workcentre assigned int heproduction versoiin which is important for the capacity to be monitored

5. this productoin line(wc) capacity will only be displayed in the planning tabel

6. first when u create a demand run mrp,then check the demand int he mf50 you can see the demand part inthebottom screen adn the capacity part inthe upper poriton of the screen

7. here when u increase or decrease the demand then you can see the capacity gettting changed

first try this in your system and we can review this step by step if you hvave any hurdles..

thanks andregards

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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thankse gurus

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just the post has done wrongly twice



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Dear Mr.Prabakaran,

Once the values are transferred to demand management either manually or

from SOP to Demand Managment,i.e to MD61,then you can rearrange the values

to your convenience.

For Eg: In MD61 you have given demand values for an FG material from October

to January 2008 on monthly basis say 100,100,100,100.

Using planning table MF50 - Change mode,you can change these monthly values

accordingly to your wish say 80,120,70 &130 and if u run MRP you will be getting

planned orders RE type as per the values given in Planning table,

If not maintained in planning table then as per the values in MD61,planned orders get's generated.

You can change few of the Monthly demand values into weekly,daily,shift or as per to the Planning calendar.

For this you have to choose the options in MF50.under period & Calendar.

Some T codes Related to Planning table

MF50 - Change Mode

MF52 - Display Mode

MF57 - By MRP Lists.

MF51 - Production List

I hope with this you must be able to get some idea regarding planning table.

<b>If useful reward points.</b>



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