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Planning of activity hours

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Dear team

We have scenario in which we have production order without material CO07 and confirming production order with co11n, we have three activities in work center to capture cost senior management working hours,junior management working hours and admin hour heads.

Actually we want to plan activity hours of senior management and junior management they have worked on project ,how we can do this in sap and is it ok to have senior and junior management activities in one work center and cost center or we have to make two work centers and two cost centers for these activities?


Ramesh kumar

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Hi Ramesh,

     As per my understanding, create 2 new standard values called Sr. Mng hrs and Jr Mng hrs in OP17. Assign these two values to a Z std value key and assign this std value key to the work center in OP19. Ask your CO consultant to create  activity types with correct values and assign it to a cost center. Assign the activity types to work center and work center to the same cost center in the costing view. During confirmation enter the required values in CO11N so that both the Sr. Mng hrs and Jr Mng hrs will be calculated using a single work center.

Please revert back in case of any queries.


Krishna Chandra