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Planning ETM Equipment in PS Project ( SAP EC&O Solution) ...

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Hello Everybody

My question is related to EC&O solution for construction industry.

I m planning machine hours of ETM (Equipment & Tools Management) equipment in my project. I have done all the necessary settings required and are getting requirement generated automatically in ETM planning board without making requisition note. Planning board is also letting me assign PS requirement to ETM equipment but is not allowing me to create shipping document from planning board. When i press SHIPPING button on planning baord, message appears that " NO RECIPIENT COULD BE DETERMINED" !

Recipient and sender are mentioned in requisition note which i have avoided as i have generated requirement from my PS Project. Can anyone advise if i have to create requisition note for the requirement generated from PS Project as well or i could enter recipient in PS project as well?

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Hello Everyone Again

I have found answer myself.

Recipient of ETM Requirement generated from PS Project has to be created through VD01 (Create Customer) with Project Definition as recipient type.

This recipient type allows certain project definition to be entered in customer master data which becomes the recipient while making shipment document of equipments.

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Hello, thanks for sharing.

How did you see the requirements in planning board without creating requisition notes?

I'm still nor sure about the potencial of ETM and PS integration regarding planned costs and real costs... is it possible to really integrate them?

Thanks in advance,