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Planned Order Type VP

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Hello Guru's.

Do all the planned order types VP are firm Orders when generated by MRP run?

Thank you in Advance.



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Answers (3)

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Hi ,

Planned Order type VP is non convertible .It can only be converted to production order  once you have a sales order .This is applicable in case of planning strategy 50 -  planning with out final assembly / planning with planning material .

Here you can plan or procure the dependent requirement till you receive the final assembly sales order .Let say , you have  PIR - 200  and you ran MRP , it will generate Planned Order of 100 with type VP .It will also explode the BOM to plan the dependent and you can procure those components till you receive any Sales Order example - 25 .Again MRP will generate planned order of 25 as normal std planned order and reduce the  planned order of VP   by converting production order .

So  at the time of MRP run , non of the VP order gets auto firm and it basically get reduced by in coming sales demand .Firming is controlled by MRP type and PTF.

Hope it helps



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Hi Srikanth,

No system doesnt set firming indicator to all planned order with types VP.

Infact, VP is a non convertible planned orders. If you check such planned orders, you will not find conversion indicator selected.

As mentioned by Caetano in above reply, there are multiple situation under which this planned order gets generated.

The firming of planned orders is based on MRP type (firming relevant) and planning time fence.



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Regarding VP plannes orders, take a look on the following note:

1595312 - Message "61322 - Planned order XXX may not be changed"

This note provides the following information regardin VP planned orders:

The planned order has the special type VP. Such planned orders are created when Planned Independent Requirement for a planning strategy such as 'Planning without assembly', 'Planning at Phantom Assembly Level' or 'Planning with a Planning Material' is created, for example.

VP planned orders should be listed on a separate segment on the MRP List (MD05) or the Stock / Requirements List (MD04). They are used to trigger the procurement of the components and they are not yet "real". They should be only relevant for production once a sales order for the finished product exists, in case of planning without final assembly, or when the production of the final assembly is executed, in case of planning at phantom assembly.