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Planned Deliv. Time MRP vs Info Record

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Hello Experts!

We found that one of our part numbers has different days in the Planned Deliv. Time, in the T.code MM03>MRP2 has 21 days and in the Info Record it says 49 days. My question is, SAP makes the decision and sends the PurReqs based in which Planned Deliv. Time? Or both should be the same?

Note: We only have one vendor set up.

My role is Planner Buyer.

Also, other quick question... The Planned Deliv. Time should include Lead time + Transit time?

Let me know your comments, really appreciated!



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Hello 15022017

First of all, the planned delivery time in the material master and in the info record should be the same or at least they should be similar. If you have multiple vendors of the same material and those vendors provide different delivery times, then the delivery time in the material master should be an average of vendors' delivery times. You said that you have only one vendor, so both times should be the same.

MRP can and will consider planned delivery time from the info record if the relevant info record can be determined during the planning run. The determination logic differs between Business Suite / ECC and S/4HANA:


The perquisite is a source list creation for a material. The source list entry pointing to an info record needs to be marked as MRP relevant - MRP will pick this info record during the planning run.

Additionally, "Scheduling: Info Rec/Agreement" needs to be check in the MRP settings on the plant level, transaction OMDT.


The logic has been simplified in S/4HANA. The "Scheduling: Info Rec/Agreement" checkbox is no longer available in OMDT. MRP will always consider info record planned delivery time, if the info record is determined during the planning run.

Also, the source list doesn't need to be maintained. However the info record needs to be marked as "relevant for automatic sourcing".

See the note 2523417 - "Scheduling according to purchasing info record or agreement" indicator is simplified in S... for details and the screen shots of relevant settings.

Also have a look at the note 2268069 - S4TWL - Simplified Sourcing:

Business Suite Logic

MRP only selects purchasing info records if a source list entry exists that references the supplier referenced in the info record


Purchasing info records are a source of supply in their own right. MRP selects purchasing info records if the "relevant for automatic sourcing" indicator is set in the purchasing info record


Simplification of the sourcing logic: It is not required to create a source list entry on top of the purchasing info record

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski

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Hello Dominiko, 2. Lead-Times in MaterialMaster are based on 5 working days. Lead-Times in Info-Records are based on 7 calendar days. is there a possibility in customizing to unify this,,,,,?