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planned date and time in shipment doc

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I have a issue in shipment document(vt01n/vt02n). The planned date and time in shipment document are not reflected. The execution date and time are reflected but planned dates are not. How can we reflect the planned dates and time for planning/checking/loading/shiment etc ........Please help me with detailed solution as I am new to the transportation.

Its very urgent

Gurus please throw some light.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi James,

If you are creating shipment document with the variant then go to that variant put the data for

Planed date and time then create it will come automatically from the variant.

If you you are entering the data in the shipment document while creating then you can enter maually these data also then complete the shipment document.

I hope it will help you,



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Thanks for your response but my question is different.

When you create a shipment document in the document itself the first tab ie deadl. there are two titles first Planning and second Execution ( horizontal) and vertically there are titles planning/checking/loading start/loading end etc.........

Now when you select Check in in vertical column you and enter the todays date & time is pulled in the execution title for Check In (vertically) but not in Planning side.

I want to know how can we populate the check in/loading start/loading end Date and time in the Planning side of the tab Deadl.



check in***********No date & time**07/24/2008***7:09:00*****check in

loading start******No date & time* *07/24/2008***7:09:00*****loading start

........ etc.............

I want to populate the date & time in the planning side as well,in the execution side it is populated correctly.

Gurus this is urgent please provide step by step procedure.


Edited by: james chavan on Jul 12, 2008 7:38 PM

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hi everybody

I solved the issue. The config was missing in shipment type. Leg determination indicator is to be set for this to happen.

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